A hunted Sleep Center

So I went to my dreaded appointment at the sleep center.  I was 15 minutes early due to my paranoia of driving at night and suddenly getting lost.  The technician got me situated in a room and said to wait since she has to finish the procedure with another patient.  Before she left she asked if I drank any sleeping pill and I answered no one told me to do so.  She looked at me and said well I hope you could sleep. 

The tech came back in the room with a bunch of wires in different colors.  It looked like wires for the TV.  She made me sit on a chair as she attached these wires on my head, nose, finger and legs.  I was appalled on how many wires needs to be attached just to figure out that I am not breathing properly.  Isn’t me snoring a good enough sign?

 The room was hot and she turned the portable AC on which was way on the other side of the room and the air barely hit my feet.  Oh gosh how am I going to sleep now?  Well I finally found my spot and started to fall asleep.  Though I was still aware of my surrounding, I heard someone yell HEY!  I abruptly sat up and asked if the tech called me since the room is filled with camcorders and intercom.  She answered “NO!”  Totally weird, I tried to sleep again.  Then I caught myself saying “$%nt!”(A word that I would never call a girl, which has same meaning as a prostitute I think)  The tech was like “What did you say?”  I tried to explain to her that I have no idea what is going on and that in no way do I even use that word.  Convincing?  Pssshh, barely got her to understand the issue earlier.  So then again with all these unexplainable stuff happening I tried to close my eyes.  Minutes have passed and I have again caught myself saying “Come over here.”  The tech suddenly goes in the room with a really upset face.  Imagine my face of frustration!  So I decided to tell the tech, no matter what happens in the room, unless I say help me, please ignore everything else.  I have no, absolutely no, control over what I say when I am half asleep. 

Then you get the minor wire came off so tech have to come back in and reposition it.  It was a night that I needed to sleep but no luck of reaching REM.  Then when I finally doze off and the tech rushes in to wake me up, at this time I was so tired.  She says I have stopped breathing a couple of times so its time for the big oxygen mask.  I think she was still upset because she practically shoved the thing on my face.  Trust me when I say, if you needed to cough that oxygen mask made it way harder.

By this time, I was pleading to every spiritual being out there to let me sleep in peace.  But guess what started acting up, my bladder, luckily it was almost 630 so I don’t have to pretend to sleep anymore.

I was sure when I left the building the tech and the ghost are so happy to see me go!