Setting myself up to fail

As I drove to the parking lot of ralphs I remembered my sister telling me that you should never do grocery shopping when you are hungry.  She said that it is a known fact that if you go with an empty stomach you end up buying more stuff and go out with an empty stomach and wallet.  So I sat in my car for a few minutes and contemplated if I should get something to eat before I go grocery shopping.  But what can I eat that I wont have to waste gas and not give me too much calories.   The little devil has murdered my little angel and made me drive to Jack in the Box to get the spciy chicken sandwhich.  Ughh…. I will never listen to my sister again!!!  If you are thinking that I could have baught a salad in jack in the box, trust me my mind is a few steps ahead of you.  It is  said that the salads in fast food stores has much calories as the burgers so might as well have a burger.   Ugh……


Rupaul’s Drag Race….

Firday night was spent it in West Hollywood, enjoying the glam and bling bling of Drag Queens from the famous Rupaul’s Drag Race.  Three letters best describe this experience, OMG!  They are so fabulous and seductively sexy.  As a woman I am so ashamed, I dont take care of my body as much as these people do.  How can their curves go on the right places while mine goes everywhere?   The makeup was so marvelous!  Its like even though they sweat i dont see the sweat because of the thick flawless makeup.  I had a blast and a lot of the men were talking to me but yes I know it is not counted since we like the same thing.  Then my friend said that they only talked to me so much cause I looked like Jiggly Caliente from the 4th season.  Hmmm…. Oh well I had fun anyways I dont care if they talked to me cause I looked like one of them or if its just my jolly personality. Pic from Image