This time of year…. Christmas….

I am so speechless to all the unfortunate events happening around the world. As a child I use to believe that the Christmas season was the only time people are nice to each other. I always thought that on this festive holiday there is a moment of peace. You may call it being naïve but it gave me hope that peoples’ hearts gets softer once a year. With all the tragedy that has been occurring lately, how do you look forward to the closing Christmas season? Where is that moment of peace that I so looked forward too? I may have gotten older and less naïve but I still want to believe in the power of Christmas.

Dear Santa
I may have gotten too old for your list but my heart is as young as it could be. Please give us hope that we can look forward too. The hearts of many are so heavy at this time of year, when it used to be full of jolly and cheer. Show us a light that would make us believe again. Let our fear subside and our doubts disappear.

Still Believing


Excuse me, I farted!

Yup the title says it all.  When is it acceptable to admit that you have passed gas in public places? 

One thing I hate the most is going in an elevator and a person is rushing out as if it is going to explode, just to realize there was a gas explosion.  Another one will be waiting on a long line and getting a drift of someone’s fart and there is nowhere to run cause you don’t want to lose your position in the line. 

Maybe it is never appropriate to admit that you have farted but shouldn’t we be considerate of others respiratory system by walking out of the line and fart somewhere else where the smell won’t bother so many and it won’t linger around that long. 

I have a co-worker that had the lap band operation.  Unfortunately when you get those procedures done besides eating only a small portion you also get massive gas.  When she walks around and releases those tiny gas bombs she always and never fails to say “Excuse me. I farted!”  So if you have a really good imagination I have that look on my face of – “Crap I just inhaled!”

Bragging Rights

My eyes are in pain from staring at that bottom right side of my screen.  “3:28 PM” is the exact time which did not change after checking it for the nth time.  Why is time going by so slow?  I checked my phone and felt green with envy after reading a couple of status posts in facebook about food.  Facebook and food seems to be the trend of the posts.  What is so fascinating about the food you are going to devour to have to take an instagram picture of it and post it in facebook?  None the less, it did make me salivate.  Being diabetic sucks!  It surely takes out the joy of living your life to the fullest.


Do you think that facebook has definitely taken away the concept of “Bragging Rights”?  If you look through the posts besides the one about food, you will see people who brag.  But there are untold rules about bragging.  Even I know of this and they seem to be violated all over facebook.  Per the Urban;


“Bragging rights – They are the granted rights to a person that allow said person to boast on themselves to a certain extent without being looked down on for it.  Bragging rights may be granted to a person for the following reasons:


  • An Amazing Achievement
  • Attaining something greatly desired by many people
  • An unfortunate even that can be viewed as positive for different reasons.


However, using bragging rights after their expiration date may lead to extreme dislike of said person.”


There are times when we are so proud of our kids that we post their achievements.  Those posts are so heart warming to read but only to an extent.  I believe that 10 posts of the same achievement is overkill!!  We all know how it feels like to have a big number of likes for our posts but what if you really hated what they are wearing or don’t give a crap what they do every single minute of the day.  If we have the ability to like a post we should have the same ability to dislike them.  It is not cowardly to not leave a comment or two of how I really feel about a post, but let us just say, putting a dislike button will be a nicer way for me to express my feelings.  Less harsh words more peace in facebook and less game requests!

You are good at what you do.

Ever since I graduated college I always wondered how easy would it be to climb up the coorporate ladder.  Now that I work for a big coorporation, I got my answer.  Totally impossible!!!  I have been with this company for 10 years but they only consider 8 because I was a temp on the other 2.  So in the so called 8 professional years, I did have my up and downs, downs, downs….  I am not a perfect worker but I try my best.  I complete and meet my deadlines.  Working as a team and helping coworkers are my best qualities.  Flexibility and a quick learner are pluses when I am on your team.  I was always the backup girl, the go to girl and the you are good at what you do girl.  Through the years I have watched so many go past me and up the ladder.  I barely can hang on to the steps!  Dont get me wrong, I try to do everything to get that higher position.  But instead of giving me a position, they just change my title to something fancy and tell me that I am good at what I do.  True, I am a failure at one thing, selling myself.  I am the type of woker that stays loyal to a company, I have proven my loyalty but my value is diminishing.   Time to fish and look at the positive side of things.  Some where out there an employer will recognize me.  So please, let me find you, my dream company before I become worthless. =(

I am an addict….

Let us define an addict… 

Per Dictionary .com an addict is an enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity.

Per an addict is to devote or surrender to something habitually or obsessively.

I have the worst kind of addiction and yes I am talking about food.  This is the worst because you can not live without food.  Drugs, gambling and alcohol, a person can live without these bad habits, but how do you rehabilitate yourself if you are addicted to the thing that keeps you alive. 

Bread the fluffy layers and the buttery smell, just typing these words leaves a tingly feeling on my finger tips.  Meat, that red tender juicy meat that is always paired with steam veggies, rice or potatoes  I feel my cholesterol just rising to the peak as I think of each scrumptious bite.  Then there is this thing that you can never say never just the smell of it hypnotize you and making you eat more egg and pancake and coffee.  BAAACCCOOONNN….  Who ever invented it is evil, EVIL!

The right timing for manners…

This morning I went to go get breakfast and my bro-in-law told me of the Paleo diet which mainly eat protein and no carbs, sugar, beans etc….  It is also a diet where you do not have to count calories or limiting the protein that you are eating.   So I ordered a scrambled egg, bacon, one sausage and one hot link, big breakfast, but was planning to have fruits for lunch.  Well there was this girl before me that ordered one sunny side up egg and she laughed at my order when she heard it.  I looked at her and she says to me, wow really, that is a big breakfast and started laughing while saying other things to the person next to her.  Normally being overweight for a long time I should get used to these types of reactions but somehow that girl is a bitch.  I smiled and left the counter with my food and paid.  There are times when I think some people’s decisions about things are ridiculous but I would never comment about it out loud.  I would think it in my head but still have the control not to say anything cause I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Why can’t she do that? Really?

Another thing happened to me today.  Our company have pretty good size of elevators but we also have a number of pretty good size people, including me.  I was the first one in the elevator then a pretty hefty man came in with 2 regular size people.  When we reached the lobby the man who was right smack in the middle of the elevator let the other two people go out first then he looks at me to go out next.  I know that he was thinking ladies first since we were all ladies and him being the only man but he is right in the middle, he was on the way.  For me to successfully exit the elevator I have to swoosh to the side, then walk forward and swoosh to the other side to the door.  I respect that he is doing this out of manners but it would have been better if he just left the elevator first so it would be easier for me to exit.  I tell you manners in the wrong timing!