This time of year…. Christmas….

I am so speechless to all the unfortunate events happening around the world. As a child I use to believe that the Christmas season was the only time people are nice to each other. I always thought that on this festive holiday there is a moment of peace. You may call it being naïve but it gave me hope that peoples’ hearts gets softer once a year. With all the tragedy that has been occurring lately, how do you look forward to the closing Christmas season? Where is that moment of peace that I so looked forward too? I may have gotten older and less naïve but I still want to believe in the power of Christmas.

Dear Santa
I may have gotten too old for your list but my heart is as young as it could be. Please give us hope that we can look forward too. The hearts of many are so heavy at this time of year, when it used to be full of jolly and cheer. Show us a light that would make us believe again. Let our fear subside and our doubts disappear.

Still Believing


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