Run for your liveeeeessssssss…..

Everybody was breathing heavily as they led us onward like a herd of cattle ready to be slaughtered. You could practically smell the anticipation, sweat, fear, and excitement in the air. Fear has taken me over. Once they open those gates, I know the zombies will make a feast out of me. I need to focus and follow the rules of zombie apocalypse. I am afraid that I will be their sampler appetizer tray as the faster people exercise rule number 1… Cardio. As the bell rang and the runners ran out of the dark passageway, I tried to catch up and a hill surfaced through the dust. Forget being appetizers for the zombies, I think I will die trying to come up this hill, no, a mountain. My fear was soon replaced with exhaustion and only minutes have passed since the race started. Strangers lend their helping hand and yelled motivational words as they pass me by. I benefited with rule number 6… travel in groups. Since my wave has passed me and I was met by the next wave of people, I was able to dodge the dead and run free while I avoided being easy prey for the zombies. I lost a flag, and threw the other flag to a passer zombie to save my life but I still have one flag. Slope, after slope of mud and I have finally reached the end of the course. The smell of beer has blinded me, turning me into a crazed lunatic as I rushed for the finish line and zoomed through the crowd to get my free beer. Then a zombie was hiding and snatched my last flag. Noooooooooooooo!!! Oh well, time for refreshments.


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