You are good at what you do.

Ever since I graduated college I always wondered how easy would it be to climb up the coorporate ladder.  Now that I work for a big coorporation, I got my answer.  Totally impossible!!!  I have been with this company for 10 years but they only consider 8 because I was a temp on the other 2.  So in the so called 8 professional years, I did have my up and downs, downs, downs….  I am not a perfect worker but I try my best.  I complete and meet my deadlines.  Working as a team and helping coworkers are my best qualities.  Flexibility and a quick learner are pluses when I am on your team.  I was always the backup girl, the go to girl and the you are good at what you do girl.  Through the years I have watched so many go past me and up the ladder.  I barely can hang on to the steps!  Dont get me wrong, I try to do everything to get that higher position.  But instead of giving me a position, they just change my title to something fancy and tell me that I am good at what I do.  True, I am a failure at one thing, selling myself.  I am the type of woker that stays loyal to a company, I have proven my loyalty but my value is diminishing.   Time to fish and look at the positive side of things.  Some where out there an employer will recognize me.  So please, let me find you, my dream company before I become worthless. =(


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