Bragging Rights

My eyes are in pain from staring at that bottom right side of my screen.  “3:28 PM” is the exact time which did not change after checking it for the nth time.  Why is time going by so slow?  I checked my phone and felt green with envy after reading a couple of status posts in facebook about food.  Facebook and food seems to be the trend of the posts.  What is so fascinating about the food you are going to devour to have to take an instagram picture of it and post it in facebook?  None the less, it did make me salivate.  Being diabetic sucks!  It surely takes out the joy of living your life to the fullest.


Do you think that facebook has definitely taken away the concept of “Bragging Rights”?  If you look through the posts besides the one about food, you will see people who brag.  But there are untold rules about bragging.  Even I know of this and they seem to be violated all over facebook.  Per the Urban;


“Bragging rights – They are the granted rights to a person that allow said person to boast on themselves to a certain extent without being looked down on for it.  Bragging rights may be granted to a person for the following reasons:


  • An Amazing Achievement
  • Attaining something greatly desired by many people
  • An unfortunate even that can be viewed as positive for different reasons.


However, using bragging rights after their expiration date may lead to extreme dislike of said person.”


There are times when we are so proud of our kids that we post their achievements.  Those posts are so heart warming to read but only to an extent.  I believe that 10 posts of the same achievement is overkill!!  We all know how it feels like to have a big number of likes for our posts but what if you really hated what they are wearing or don’t give a crap what they do every single minute of the day.  If we have the ability to like a post we should have the same ability to dislike them.  It is not cowardly to not leave a comment or two of how I really feel about a post, but let us just say, putting a dislike button will be a nicer way for me to express my feelings.  Less harsh words more peace in facebook and less game requests!


You are good at what you do.

Ever since I graduated college I always wondered how easy would it be to climb up the coorporate ladder.  Now that I work for a big coorporation, I got my answer.  Totally impossible!!!  I have been with this company for 10 years but they only consider 8 because I was a temp on the other 2.  So in the so called 8 professional years, I did have my up and downs, downs, downs….  I am not a perfect worker but I try my best.  I complete and meet my deadlines.  Working as a team and helping coworkers are my best qualities.  Flexibility and a quick learner are pluses when I am on your team.  I was always the backup girl, the go to girl and the you are good at what you do girl.  Through the years I have watched so many go past me and up the ladder.  I barely can hang on to the steps!  Dont get me wrong, I try to do everything to get that higher position.  But instead of giving me a position, they just change my title to something fancy and tell me that I am good at what I do.  True, I am a failure at one thing, selling myself.  I am the type of woker that stays loyal to a company, I have proven my loyalty but my value is diminishing.   Time to fish and look at the positive side of things.  Some where out there an employer will recognize me.  So please, let me find you, my dream company before I become worthless. =(