Zombie 5K Mud Run

I have heard people say this, “I am so addicted to working out!” Why can’t I be addicted to working out like them? I always have to drag my feet as if it was chained to the couch or bed to even get ready to go to the gym. This process is just so excruciatingly painful. My mind starts racing thinking of reasons why going to the gym is not the best idea right now. But once I am in the gym I get energized and hyped up.

There is only 3 months left till my goal of participating in the Zombie Run for your Lives 5K Mud Run. I am so scared. I have been slacking off, making excuses and now I am suffering. Last year I joined the Irvine 5K Mud run and that was tough. I did enjoy myself despite the fact that I was second to the last person to finish the lap. I was hoping to change the result up a bit so I joined the Zombie Run. But time flies so fast. I signed up in May and now it is the middle of July and the Run is on October 20th. Man I wasted 3 months not training. This is bad. I really need to be addicted to working out instead of food or else I will really turn into a zombie and never see the end of the race!


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