Sleep seems to be my best friend

I had a bad day today.  To make the story short I have this problem about sleeping.  I sleep a lot and everywhere.  I fall asleep while driving which is very bad, I fall asleep while working which is very very bad and I fall asleep every chance I get.  I dont deprive myself sleep but yet this occurance always happen.  So I got in trouble here at work today in regards to the sleeping part.  Oppurtunities have been missed and unnecessary stress has become of my situation.  I told my doctor about it but he keep insisting its just because I am tired.  I think I have sleep apnea or I have narcolepsy.  This can not be normal.  I worked two jobs before but it lasted for a year and a half, there were times that I would go to the next job without sleeping.  But that has been almost 4-5 years ago so I can not keep using that excuse.  So I called my doctor again to ask for a refferal but he is wanting to see me as a checkup but why cant he just give me a refferal he always say no that there is nothing wrong with me.  i really need to go to a sleep center to check if I do have a problem and how severe is it.


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