A speed bump or a really high wall….

I have been doing good at this one diet till I ….. yeah the sight of bread has me salivating and having chills all over my body.  Many would think that you could take a little bite just to satisfy your craving.   But really how little is little.  I think my addiction to bread is clouding my judgement of size.  Please God, Budha, and all the other gods out there give me the strength not to open my mouth and have a bite of that fresh, buttery smell, and soft white bread.  This is killing me.  Just writting about bread is making me sick.

Why do I always feel like when I am on a diet or working out I am torturing myself?  I feel like it is self mutilation.  Yes I am exaggerating.  But if you think about it why did we invent all these fatty food that is bad for us and eat it for years?  No, I am not finidng an excuse for me to eat them.  I am just so mad at the people who invented the slurpee or bread or pizza or burgers!!!!!!!!!!


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